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Institutions and Implementing Agencies

State Institute Of Rural Development (S.I.R.D.)

The State Institute of Rural Development (S.I.R.D.) of Meghalaya was established in the year 1986 under the Community and Rural Development Department. The institute was notified as the Apex Level Training Institute in Rural Development of the Government of Meghalaya in the year 1994. It is headed by the Director who is assisted by the Deputy Director, faculty members and support staff. 

For more information visit http://megsird.gov.in

State Rural Employment Society (S.R.E.S.)

The State Rural Employment Society (S.R.E.S.) was set up by the Department in 2011 as per instruction of the Government of India. The society functions as the Nodal Agency for implementation of MGNREGA. It is headed by the Mission Director who is assisted by Joint Mission Director, Programme Managers and staffs. The Society has also a dedicated man power set up at the district level where the Deputy Commissioner is the District Programme Coordinator assisted by the Project Director, as the Additional Programme Coordinator along with the District Programme Managers and staff. At the Block level, the B.D.O. as the Programme Officer is assisted by Block Programme Managers and the technical staff.

For more information visit http://megsres.nic.in

Meghalaya State Rural Livelihood Society (M.S.R.L.S.)

 Meghalaya State Rural Livelihood Society (M.S.R.L.S.) was set up by the Department in 2012 to oversee the overall implementation of N.R.L.M. The society is headed by the Chief Executive Officer who is assisted by the State Mission Manager, State Project Managers and the support staff. District Mission Management Units (D.M.M.U.)  at Nongstoin, West Khasi Hills district and Tura, West Garo Hills district were set up for implementation of the scheme. The D.M.M.U. comprises of two Project Managers and office assistants. At each Resource Block there is the Block Mission Management Unit (B.M.M.U.) which comprises of the Block Project Manager, Cluster Coordinators and office assistants.

For more information visit http://msrls.nic.in

Meghalaya Society For Social Audit And Transparency (M.S.S.A.T.)

Meghalaya Society for Social Audit and Transparency (M.S.S.A.T.) was created in 2014-2015.  The society is headed by the Director who is assisted by Social Audit experts, Social Development Consultant and District Social Audit Resource Persons.  The society facilitates conducts of Social Audit at the village level in respect of flagship programmes like MGNREGA, IAY / PMAY-G and NSAP so as to ensure transparency, participation consultation and accountability.

For more information visit http://mssat.nic.in