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Contact Details of Project Director

Serial Number Name District Name Phone Number Email Address
1. Shri. K. L. Nongbri, M.C.S. East Jaintia Hills District 9862582683 drda.khliehriat[at]gmail.com
2. Shri. D. M. Wahlang, M.C.S. West Jaintia Hills District 9856022111 drda-jh-meg[at]nic.in
3. Smti. R. Iangrai, M.C.S. East Khasi Hills District 9863068652 drda-ekh-meg[at]nic.in
4. Shri. D. P. Kharsati, M.C.S. Ri Bhoi District 9856637904 drda-rb-meg[at]nic.in
5.   East Garo Hills District   drda-egh-meg[at]nic.in
6. Shri. P. D. Sangma, M.C.S. West Khasi Hills District 9856029463 drda-wkh-meg[at]nic.in
7. Shri. D. D. Shira, M.C.S. West Garo Hills District 9856078607 drda-wgh-meg[at]nic.in
8. Shri. L. C. Marak, M.C.S. North Garo Hills District 9615203339 pddrdaresu[at]gmail.com
9. Smti. H. D. B. Sangma, M.C.S. South West Garo Hills District 8415897018 drda.swgh.ampati[at]gmail.com
10. Shri. H. S. Diengdoh, M.C.S. South  West Khasi Hills District 9436302114 drda-swkh-meg[at]gov.in
11. Shri. A. M. Sangma, M.C.S. South Garo Hills District 9612166897 drda-sgh-meg[at]nic.com